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Reunion catchup

I've kept in touch with probably everyone who updates their journals and I've fallen out of touch with everyone else.

Uh, I hope everyone remembers me. I mean, I WAS a moderator at GGRSC.

So let's play catchup. . .

I am turning 22 this Sunday. I graduated Rutgers University this past May with a B.A. in Genetics and Microbiology. This past August, I moved to a little one bedroom apartment in Center City, Philadelphia so I could attend graduate school at U Penn. (apparently I moved to the right part of Philly- U Penn is in West Philly- where WIll Smith is from- and there have been like 13 robberies so far, and two people got shot. It's quieter where I live) I'm a PhD student in the Cell and Molecular Graduate Group and I'm actually supposed to be putting the final touches on my presentation for tomorrow's first year seminar class instead of procrastinating! So I'm pretty much the opposite of Raychel. She'll be getting a lot of money for a little bit of work, and I'll be working like a dog at all hours of the night and weekends for only 23K a year (that's my stipend).

Living in Philly is different from living with my parents. First, living alone is kinda lonely, but I have so much work, that I'm always busy. I can eat whatever I want for dinner, but I worry about not eating enough vegetables, cause I don't have any ideas on how to cook them. Everything is so much more expensive here- there's no ShopRite with double coupons. It's weird, but I can walk pretty much anywhere I need to go. Or I can use public transportation. Before I moved, I couldn't believe that I'd be giving up my car, but it's not so bad.

I haven't gotten a chance to go out much in Philly and I'm still single. One thing basically causes the other, I guess. I'm stuck in a never ending cycle! And I haven't run into any cute guys at U Penn.

So that's my life currently. The one bright spot is my approaching vacation. I'm going to Trinidad this Christmas! It'll be my first time back there in SIX years. I can't believe it took me so long to go back. I am so psyched about seeing my family and eating KFC Hot and Spicy fried chicken. It'll be awesome, because I'm finally old enough to go out- I'll be drinking every day! Also, the period after Christmas starts the Carnival season, so hopefully there should be a lot to do.

OK, I really need to go work on my presentation.
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No cute guys at U Penn? That's sucky
There are cute guys! Shut up, Mel. Maybe you should date undergrads.
May I remind you that I pay $40 000 a year just to go to the same school as you do? At least they are giving YOU money.
My money technically comes from the NIH. Which basically means that taxpayers are paying me to go to school. he he he.