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Dear Laura,

There's one thing everyone who wants Democrats to win tomorrow needs to remember: be prepared for anything. We offer a fresh start and a new direction, but each and every Democrat must get to the polls to make our vision a reality.

Reports of voter suppression and potentially illegal tactics have already begun surfacing in districts where Republicans seem to be heading for defeat. That's why it's so important that you vote. From repeatedly harassing phone calls to disgusting flyers sent to Hispanic voters, they're trying everything they can to keep Democrats from voting.

No matter what the other side does to try to keep Democrats at home, we have to continue our person-to-person outreach for this final stretch. Our democracy can withstand these tactics if every one of us lives up to our responsibility to engage our neighbors in this movement to take America in a new direction.

We've put together the resources you need to spread the Democratic message and reach as many people as possible. Here are just a few of those resources:

Find Your Polling Place
In addition to allowing people to report election irregularities, the 1-888-DEM-VOTE number also provides your polling place. You can call, or find your state's polling information here:

Last-Minute Volunteers
The best way to volunteer at the last minute is to call your local Democratic Party:

Print Your Own Flyers
The Democratic Agenda:
Voter Protection Info:

One look at those flyers will remind you what we're fighting for in this election.

What do the Republicans offer us? Spiraling costs in both human and monetary terms with no accountability and no plan in sight for Iraq, more people working full-time just to live in poverty because the minimum wage hasn't changed in a decade, and more people suffering in silence because, just like 45 million others, they don't have health insurance.

The vast majority of Americans have had enough. That's why the Republicans have resorted to doing anything they can to distract or deceive voters.

But we Democrats have our own plans, which couldn't be clearer:

Honest Leadership & Open Government
We will end the Republican culture of corruption and restore a government as good as the people it serves.

Real Security & A New Direction in Iraq
We will protect Americans at home and lead the world by telling the truth to our troops, our citizens and our allies, and we will heed the advice of our commanders on the ground and force a change in the failed Republican strategy in Iraq.

Energy Independence & Lower Gas Prices
We will create a cleaner, greener and stronger America by reducing our dependence on foreign oil, eliminating billions in subsidies for oil and gas companies and developing energy alternatives.

More Jobs, Better Pay & College Access for Everyone
We will create jobs that stay in America, raise the minimum wage, and open the doors to college for every American.

Healthcare that Works for Everyone & Life-Saving Cures
We will join 36 other industrialized nations in making sure everyone has access to affordable health care, and we will make decisions to invest in stem cell and other medical research based on science, not politics.

Retirement Security
We will ensure that a retirement with dignity is the right and expectation of every single American, starting with protecting workers' pensions expanding saving incentives and preventing the privatization of social security.

I can't stress enough how important these final hours are -- and because of the Republican voter suppression tactics, every one of us will need to do even more.

If you or someone you know has any trouble voting or is harassed in any way, please take down as many details as possible and report it. You can report any voter suppression or election irregularities by calling 1-888-DEM-VOTE. You can also report problems online here:

You'll hear a lot of predictions over the next day or so, but ignore both the good ones and the bad ones. We're got to work, work and work some more until this election is over. There is no other option -- we've all done too much for too long to let this slip away.

The only poll that matters will be on Election Day and it will signal a new direction for America.


Governor Howard Dean, M.D.

Dear Friend,

U.S. Senate candidate Harold Ford Jr. with Senator Obama during a rally in downtown Nashville, Tennessee yesterday.

Watch: Maryland Democratic Party Rally

Tonight: ABC News Nightline follows Senator Obama on the campaign trail. Check local listings.

For the last four weeks, I have traveled across America, meeting people from all walks of life and all regions of the country who have been waiting for a new kind of politics in America -- waiting for a new generation of leaders who will speak to their hopes and get to work on the issues that matter to them.

Tomorrow, the wait is over.

Tomorrow, we have the chance to do more than just complain about the direction this country is headed - we have a chance to change it.

But this can only happen if you pick up a ballot and vote.

I know that so many of you are ready to go to the polls and get this done tomorrow, but here's a few things you can do today to make sure it happens.

1) Find out where you're registered to vote.

2) Plan when you are going to go to the polls - morning, lunch, coffee break, after work -- whenever. But it helps to decide now so you can make arrangements accordingly.

3) Remind at least one other person to vote tomorrow.

Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter once said, "In a democracy, the highest office is the office of citizen."

Tomorrow, the highest duty of the highest office in our democracy is to vote. And for the first time in a long time, the result of that vote could make all the difference in the lives of so many Americans desperate for leadership, hungry for change, and hoping for the dawn of a new day in the country they love.


U.S. Senator Barack Obama
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