Michelle (missshell321) wrote in giddyland,

Giddy Reunion!

Hey all lost Giddyfers, it's Michelle. Uh...I'm the one that has the Hootie Hoo Bot on AIM. Heh. It does still make an appearance now and again but I'm usually on this upstairs computer that does not have the program.

Random factoid: Raychel and I have 28 common interests on lj. Now why the hell did I not have her on my friends list?! Problem corrected.

I also have not had contact with many Giddies recently, only through LiveJournal though I still have 18 SN's on AIM, most of those all people with journals well.

Anyway...exciting news update. Well recently I could not believe it was FIVE YEARS AGO that Giddy enthusiasm started, when I was 14, (actually about 4 1/2 years ago). I turned 19 at the end of August, and am currently in my second semester at Wayne State University in Detroit, majoring in art -- photography, more specifically. Whee!
For a more detailed upate...contact me!
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